The EVBB offers vocational education and training with a practical orientation. It spreads rewarding practical examples, explicitly enhancing the communication among the members. The projects shown here reflect the current stage of development in vocational education and training with all the member institutions involved, serving as an incentive for all others to further develop the quality and relevance of vocational education and training.

Project Coordination

Beginning in 2008 EVBB coordinators were assigned to enhance the communication between the members, assuring the quality of all EVBB activities.

They coordinate all the activities among the professional working committee, project team and various bodies of experts; organize the activities of the professional working committee itself; design the EVBB website content; monitor and evaluate the working program.

The Project Team

The project team is made up of five persons who help the members plan projects for the European cooperation of vocational education and training. In addition to that, the project team assists the executive committee and the secretary general in canvassing for new members.It attends to member organizations looking for suited project partners within the EVBB.In cooperation with the professional working committee it furnishes information about ongoing EU projects being carried out by the member organizations. It lists relevant information on European sponsoring programs and most recent tenders for the member organizations. It initiates a project for the current EVBB topic of the year.