Shaping Flexible Learning Pathways

Funding Programme

Erasmus+ KA3 - Support for policy reform – Initiatives for Policy Innovation

Project Number



317.914,00 €


01/2016 - 01/2018 (24 months)


Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain


The new economic realities and rapid shifts on the job market are changing what we need from our education system. Not only should access to higher education be widened to groups like adult learners, vocational learners and employed learners, but also the teaching-learning environments should be adapted to the diversified needs of lifelong learners in order to reach a competitive and sustainable economy and create an inclusive society towards the EU 2020 goals.

Workers need to develop advanced technical and management competences to improve their job and career prospects. Also, lifelong learners, typically having vocational experience, need more flexible education systems and transition opportunities between learning forms by validation of their work experience, non-formal and informal learning without losing the labor market focus. Therefore, it’s important that stakeholders and policy-makers identify the gaps in the qualifications landscape to develop new pathways combining labor market orientation with progression opportunities to/within higher education.
The project is designed to contribute to the debate on reform by drawing lessons from the existing expertise and good practices of consortium’s partners and strengthening the connection between European and national policymakers and practitioners.

The word “TANDEM” should emphasize the efficiency of businesses, VET and HE providers working together for high quality VET aligned with regional and global labor market demand to proactively respond to emerging skills shortages.

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