Criteria and Assessment Scale


A) The prize is primarily awarded to educational institutes and partners of the EVBB contributing with their project to the internationalization of the European education and promotion of the economy and employment in Europe with a special focus on promoting disadvantaged people

  1. Name of project holder and all other
  2. participating institutions
  3. Is the organizing holder or partner a member in the EVBB (if need be in which other association) name of project
  4. Start and duration of project
  5. Scope of project in €
  6. Project sponsoring
  7. Presenter of the project at the EVBB conference
  8. Number of participants a) male……b) female……
  9. Average age
  • Partners from which countries with whom the project is carried out
  • Name of the executive project coordinator in charge

Which new market will be opened up by the project (European, other markets)

Are follow-up projects planned or are new projects initiated by this project (model function/project portability)?

Compliance with the minimum requirements of the EVBB quality criteria certified according to ISO 9001:2000

Does the project contribute to the promotion of disadvantaged people?

Reasons for, type and extent of disadvantages of project participants (social situation such as single mothers/fathers; educational level e.g. early school leavers; job requirements e.g. missing vocational education and training, dropouts, unemployment; illnesses)

Publication in the press and in other media (Internet exhibitions, presentations such as EVBB conferences, competitions)

B) Comprehensive explanation of the suggestion made for the award presentation by the panel of the foundation according to the assessment scale prescribed

Assessment Scale

The grading scales of 6 grades shall be converted into a points-based system following the assessment scale of the High School Advanced Level (Secondary School Level II in Germany) as follows:

Grade 1 corresponds to 15/14/13 points depending on the grade’s inherent tendency
Grade 2 corresponds to 12/11/10 points depending on the grade’s inherent tendency
Grade 3 corresponds to 9/8/7 points je depending on the grade’s inherent tendency
Grade 4 corresponds to 6/5/4 points je depending on the grade’s inherent tendency
Grade 5 corresponds to 3/2/1 points je depending on the grade’s inherent tendency
Grade 6 corresponds to 0 points

List of criteria – example for assessment:

I = no assessment
II = 12 out of 15
III = 10 out of 15
IV = 8 out of 15
V = 11 out of 15
VI = 2 out of 15
VII = 3 out of 15
Gives: 46 out of 90