VET European networking enhancement

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Erasmus+ KA3 - VET partnership

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10/2019 - 03/2022 (29 months)


Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France


The Vocational Education and Training frameworks are so numerous and different in the EU member states and regions that the definition of common development agendas and objectives is really a challenge for decision-makers. The intermediation and mediation between the aims, needs, expectations of VET centres, VET teachers and trainers, local civil society organisations and the European VET development policies require a constant dialogue and exchange of opinions that only proficient networking activities can guarantee.

The VENHANS project is a KA3 – Support for Policy Reform project, funded by the Erasmus programme, aiming to support EVTA and the other members of the VET4EU2 Platform to:

  • strengthen the cooperation within the VET4EU2 platform;
  • improve quality and efficiency of VET,
  • propagating the concept of excellence in VET and enhance VET’s impact and relevance for learners/employers;
  • build transnational cooperation and share best practices on VET excellence, adopting bottom up approaches to valorise local contributions.
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