Funding Programme

Erasmus+ KA2 – Sector Skills Alliances

Project Number



979.536,00 €


01/2019 - 12/2021 (36 months)


Germany, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus


Smart-DevOps project addresses the shortage of digital and transferrable skills in the municipalities’ smart cities sector and will support this sector’s employees in their professional development. Results are expected to benefit smart cities and municipalities which aim to adopt the DevOps culture, principles and practices by introducing DevOps professional profiles.

It is a Sector Skills Alliance where universities, VET providers, companies and national standardisation bodies come together to define and develop the skills needed in an emerging and very dynamic sector: Smart Cities.

It will address those working on Smart City strategies and tools, i.e. ICT and technical staff in municipalities, and will apply the DevOps approach to their work.

DevOps is a compound of “development” and “operations”, and in software development it is methodology that combines the development phase (Dev) and the operations phase to shorten the development life cycle of a software product.

It is an agile and iterative approach where development and operations specialists work closely together since the beginning to continuously develop, deliver, test and improve the product.

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