About EVBB

We are the EVBB, the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training, and we are at the forefront of promoting Education and VET as key positive forces in our society. 

We are a non-profit network of more than 390 Vocational schools, universities and private organizations striving to make education a key component of our lives. By covering all fields and levels of education and training, our Members support the creation of a young, active, and employable workforce but also the continuous development of our professionals.  

We believe that Vocational Training has the potential to become a force that can make our societies stronger and more resilient across current global trends and changes.  

We have been working for over 30 years between Germany, Europe and the rest of the world following the values of an education that is inclusive, relevant and of high-quality – in other words, we strive for no less than excellence. This is the path that we will continue walking in the years to come. We do so in cooperation with a strong network of motivated Members across three different continents – Europe, Africa and Asia, and we aim to go forward, engaging in fruitful discussions and cooperation with partners from all over the world. We share the same commitment – to bring Vocational Training to the future.  

How do we achieve this? 

We work every day on different initiatives that keep our network engaged in this long-term process.  

Institutional Partners

We constantly work and discuss with our Institutional Partners: EVBB is a proud member of the European Civil Society, advocating for better education & training at the heart of the European Union. Meet some of our partners. We want the voices of our grassroots institutions to be heard.  

Events and workshops

Connecting with like-minded organizations is key to creating a system that works efficiently together across different dimensions of education and training. The EVBB participates in more than 200 hundred face-2-face and online meetings with education stakeholders, while we organize eight major events ourselves – the most ambitious ones? Our Annual Conferences!

International cooperation projects

We talk with our Members and network on a daily basis through cooperation projects funded by international institutions, such as the European Commission, the European Training Foundation etc. Through these initiatives, we foster new connections and create the practical tools that can bring VET into the future. We work on 30+ projects across key European industrial ecosystems, such as new technologies, tourism or silver economy among them.  

The EVBB is a global network. We are proud to connect vocational schools, institutions and training experts from China, Kenya, Palestine, Malaysia and so forth. Our mission towards Third Countries is that of creating a global movement that makes Human Development a key priority across countries and borders – no matter where they are. 

Be part of the next generation of Vocational Education and Training.   

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