EVBB in the Limelight

The EVBB is striving for excellence in the sector of Vocational Education and Training since the 14th of December 1992. On the occasion of this year’s 25th anniversary, we created a short image movie that shows what the EVBB is all about. Thiemo Fojkar, President of EVBB, and Horst Dreimann, Secretary General, tell you more about the mission of our organisation and what we are standing and fighting for in a European Union that is constantly facing huge challenges.

At the same time we do not only want to show you what the EVBB is about but also what our members are capable of. This is why we created a YouTube channel that will showcase the contributions of our members and the latest videos about the sector of VET.

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EU Vocational Skills Week 2017

Last year’s European Vocational Skills Week was a huge success. The so called VET Week closed with an estimated 702,250 people taking part in more than 900 activities across Europe that were organised at national, regional and local levels. Around 1400 participants joined the workshops, conferences and other events – for instance the EVBB / EVTA conference in Brussels.

To capitalise on this energy and enthusiasm, the European Commission organised a second European Vocational Skills Week. The main events will take place on 20-24 November 2017 but they are already a lot of pre-events happening right now like our conference in Malta.

Read more about the European Vocational Skills Week on the website of the European Commission.

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30 years of Erasmus+

“Whether people have improved their chances of finding a job, developed fresh perspectives on sustainable development, learnt a new language, gained a clearer idea of European citizenship, or found a new passion for volunteering: Erasmus+ has produced many success stories.

The Erasmus+ Programme has been enriching lives for the past 30 years. It is not just a time in someone’s existence, it is a turning point.”


Erasmus+ | A story of 30 years

Malta 2017 – A Joint Declaration for the Future of VET in Europe

  October was an exciting month for both EVBB and EVTA. Having our second joint conference in the heart of Malta hosted by our partner Paragon Europe, we had a lot of fruitful and interesting discussions on the future of VET. Members of both associations came...
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60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome

On occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, Thiemo Fojkar President of EVBB and member of the Board of SOLIDAR, participated in a European event organized in Rome to „stand up TOGETHER for our future” and to join a March for Europe along with 30000...

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Vocational Education and Training for Europe – The EVBB

The European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (EVBB) is a European umbrella association whose members  are state associations, associations, coordinating institutes of education and educational providers at a national, regional and local level.

The objective work done by the EVBB is the qualitative improvement of vocational education and training in European countries and an increase in the efforts being carried out in education at a European level.

Networking for Vocational Training

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