Internationaler Bund e.V. (Verbund Dresden)

Winner of the Year 2011

Internationaler Bund e.V. (Verbund Dresden) – Qualification of unemployed illiterates

Foto-Gewinner 2011 - Internationalen Bund, Verbund SachsenInternationaler Bund e.V. (Facility Dresden) – qualification of unemployed functional illiterates

The price for “The Europe 2011” went to the project “Qualification of unemployed functional illiterates”, carried out by the Internationaler Bund Facility in Saxony.

The project was funded by the European Social Fund, aimed in 8 courses to 58 participants. These courses include:

  • Basic skills in reading and writing
  • Mathematics
  • Everyday competences
  • Work with the computer
  • Work with the eLearning Portal

Also, application training to find jobs were offered.