Members of the EVBB took part in the International Congress «Social dialogue – changes of the future», organised in Moscow by the Russian Trade Federation (MTUF). Based on the experience of the development of social partnership institutions accumulated in the world practice, the participants concluded several statements bearing in mind  the current rapid developments in technology which transform modern models of cooperation of social partners:

  • Major changes in the labour market and employment forms under the influence of modern digital technologies;
  • Emergence of new professions, the implantation of new communication forms of cooperation between employers and employees which is based on the replacement of traditional labor relations with temporary and contractual labor relations without the establish of working places and the formation of a work community;
  • The most important role of trade unions, as the representatives of working people with experience of social or economic rights and interests of employees, being force and an effective instrument for ensuring a painless process of the transition of human labor to new technologies;
  • Concerns concerning of development of changes in traditional approaches to employment problem.

Taking into account Congress participants’ statements and suggestions social partnership parties need to ensure:

  • Formation of new legal acts using open dialogue forms;
  • Promotion of digital technology and implementation of the program “Digital Economy”;
  • Formation of an institution of social partnership due to digital technology in collaboration with scientific and training organisations of vocational education.

Participants of the International Congress expressed their gratitude to the organizers for relevance of disputed issue, for holding the timely discussion that allowed us to outline the points of growth and the main ways of developing of the social partnership system. We consider that this work should be continued.

We wish success and positive results in the cooperation of social partners!

– Text provided by MoscowTrade Union Federation (MTUF)

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