EVBB Training – “EU funding from A to Ω”, A Roaring Success (28-30 November 2019)

The 3-day programme led by AKMI is the first of a series of customised training activities that EVBB will organise hand-in-hand with its members and partners. Our goal: providing participants with the complete toolbox and step-by-step guidance for building strong partnerships and successful applications.

Back from Athens, its breath-taking landscapes and kind hospitality, EVBB celebrates the success of its first training specifically aimed at providing members and partners the know-how and theoretical knowledge most needed to benefit from EU funding schemes. The training programme was designed and delivered by AKMI Group, one of the most outstanding and forefront Greek learning providers.


Representatives from 11 countries had the opportunity to get acquainted to the structure, principles and implementation procedures of European projects’ schemes, in particular the Erasmus+ KA2 and KA3. They could also discuss and consider in detail their potential to participate in some of the next calls.

By hosting the event and sharing their tremendous knowledge, AKMI President Konstantinos Rodopoulos, AKMI director Theodor Grassos and his highly professional team deserve here a special note of appreciation as they made these three days possible and greatly successful.

Participants from both the management and project implementation level were introduced into the operation of AKMI Group and experienced their highly sophisticated services such as a five-star simulation restaurant and hotel.


The “Alfa to Omega” represents the début of a new training format that EVBB will implement at least once a year with a view to providing its members and partners the networking platform, practical tools and theoretical knowledge that is needed to actively participate in building our Europe through benefitting from its funding opportunities.

It is worth replicating this experience on a regular basis, not only content-wise: getting to know each other, developing a spirit of trust and confidence, making friends… these are only some of the spin-off effects which such meetings have and we all need to boost our participation into a truly inclusive European spirit.

Our gratefulness to make this training possible also goes to our other colleagues from SOLIDAR, European Center for Quality (ECQ), AVETAE, IB Polska, ORT Israel, DIAN, Asociación MUNDUS, Çukurova National Education Directorate, Corporate Vocational Institute, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – E-Learning, Hellenic Open University-DAISSy Research Group, BVMW and IDEC SA for this magnificent event.