Partners / Partnership

Besides its bilateral and multilateral partnership among the individual members of the EVBB, the European Association for Institutes of Vocational Education and Training (EVBB) is also a partner of EU authorities, other networks of vocational education and training, NGOs and others.

In partnership with its members, the EVBB communicates with the members, provides information on all activities of the EVBB, distributes political decisions of the EU authorities as regards vocational training and is involved in European programs by specific programs.

The EVBB has also partners in international and national institutions and EU authorities. The EVBB spreads their publications among EVBB members. It promptly informs on new developments in vocational education and training and on life-long learning in Europe.

There is knowledge transfer between the EVBB and the persons responsible of EU authorities.

For political decision makers of the EU Commission, the EVBB and the other networks are bodies for advice to be given about EU publications, statements and recommendations to the persons in charge in the member states.