Thiemo Fojkar participates in EU Conference on the European Social Rights Pillar

At the invitation of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU  Commission, Thiemo Fojkar, as President of the EVBB, took part in a conference dealing with the European Pillar of Social Rights. Commission President Juncker had already stated in his State of the Union of 9 September 2015 : ” I will want to develop a European Pillar of Social Rights, which takes account of the changing realities of the world of work and which can serve as a compass for the renewed convergence within the euro area”. On 8th March 2016, the European Commission presented a preliminary draft proposal for a project to develop into the European pillar of social rights. The pillar will include a number of key principles common to all euro area countries, with a focus on their employment and social needs and challenges. However, in his State of the Union of 14th September 2016, he notes that there is still much to be done on this issue. The main themes are questions of qualitative employment, adequate income support and access to qualitative, affordable and accessible services.

The conference, which was held in Brussels on 23 January 2017, had the aim to present the consultation processes that had been achieved so far and to discuss the future orientation of the European Social Rights Pillar in workshops. Read more.

Through its good networking in Brussels, especially with SOLIDAR, EVBB and civil society actors in the VET and social sphere are involved in this consultation process and can position themselves in relevant questions.


Photos: Published under CC by the European Commission – DG Employment