Position paper on European Union policy after 2020 on Vocational and Educational Training

After some fruitful and straightforward discussions within the VET4EU2 Group, the Position Paper of the Group on the EU post 2020 focus on Vocational Education and Training, which was shared with the attendees of the European Vocational Skills Week in Vienna on 7th November and with the Commission itself is now published.

The paper contains articles about the fundamental developments in VET including

  • the alignment of policies is of paramount importance,
  • System instruments will become less effective in the future,
  • Hybrid integrated professional education (HIPE) the new hope for professional education and
  • Breaking the barriers for European excellence in education

The EVBB and other VET providers within the VET4EU2 network were discussing specific issues and recommendations including

  • Joint excellence in quality of education,
  • Integrating the world of work and (VET) education,
  • Balanced education for human competences to apply new technologies,
  • Stronger investment in internationalisation for both staff and students,
  • Permeability to continued professional education with flexible pathways and
  • Immigration and social inclusion

We find it very important to promote excellence in VET provision, especially the

  • Subsidiarity and decentralisation of authority in VET provision,
  • Enhanced cooperation and sharing of effective practices,
  • The undisputed value of teachers and trainers and
  • Student participation about: “Discover your talents”

The paper further more addresses issues on the Future of VET with special regard to

  • Europe and its Education:  Some fundamentals for the future,
  • Policy developments for the future and
  • Meeting European Union challenges in VET provision

Meeting of the VET providers and VET4EU2 at the European Vocational Skills Week 2018