Operational Grant of EVBB 2022: VETn’GO

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For the first time, EVBB will run VETn’GO which is funded by the ‘Civil Society Cooperation in Education and Training’, bringing a remarkable opportunity to our members to get involved.

About VETn’GO     

VETn’GO is a 12-monthly project, ending in December 2022,  aiming to change the inflexible character of training systems, promote inclusion, and enhance the adaptability of training processes to different context. The project is in direct line with the European interest, improving vocational education and training in Europe and beyond to increase efforts to promote VET as a first choice. The project’s core is to enhance coordination among educational institutes, create synergies among the EU policies on socio-economic policies and green transitions, and boost dissemination and future-oriented reforms in the field of education and training. The direct target group includes VET stakeholders, VET institutes, VET Teachers, Staff, and VET Learners.

VETn’GO Activities   

Throughout the project lifecycle with the intention to accomplish VETn’GO objectives the following activities will be implemented:

1)Peer learning activities among VET institutions of the EVBB network

2) A three-week EU Policy Camp on the EEA, for VET stakeholders

3) A Conference on the Future of Europe

4) A VET learners Debate Competition during the EU Semester

5) An international conference on the New Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education.

Get involved

EVBB intends to involve more than 25 individuals in capacity-building activities, over 200 VET stakeholders in the Policy Camp in the field of education, 60 VET learners in the Competition Debate, over 500 stakeholders, 40 countries, and 350 participants during the dissemination activities and the international conference.

 In this context, the following results are expected after the end of the VETn’GO:

  1. Five Peer Study Visits and 1 Activity Capitalization Handbook
  2. Three-week EU Policy Camp and 1 Activity Capitalization Handbook
  3. Three rounds of the Debate Competition on EEA and 1 Activity Capitalization Handbook and
  4. One International Conference.

Our members

Our mission is to bring creative projects to life and create opportunities for our members to get involved and the VETn’GO project is a terrific chance to do so.