† MTUF & EVBB mourn Vladimir Bogdashin

† MTUF & EVBB mourn Vladimir Bogdashin

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Vladimir Bogdashin (Moscow Trade Union Federation, MTUF) who died of Covid-19 after several weeks in hospital in Moscow.

Vladimir Bogdashin was appointed as Director General of the Moscow Trade Unions Training and Research Centre (MTUF) following a career as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Russian Navy being a Rear Admiral up and until his retirement.

The MTUF has long-standing and intensive contacts with our Austrian partners, the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria and the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB). During the on-site visits, contractual agreements were made between our EVBB member BFI oö and the training centre in Moscow in the field of education and training as well as mutual visits and, as a consequence, this resulted in a fruitful and outstanding membership in the EVBB.

Members of the EVBB Presidium subsequently took part in the annual conferences of the training centre in Moscow and the colleagues from Moscow also took part in the EVBB conferences. The last time we met Vladimir Bogdashin was at the conference in Bratislava 2019, then unfortunately contact was only possible online due to Covid.

We hope to continue the cooperation with our member in Moscow in the spirit of Mr Bogdashin.
In October, the annual conference of the MTUF will take place again in Moscow, also with a delegation of the EVBB.

We will keep Vladimir Bogdashin in good memory. We mourn the loss of a good friend. Rest in Peace.