EVBB’s Collaborative Spaces in Brussels

In the heart of Brussels, where ideas meet innovation, EVBB stands as a beacon for collaboration and networking among its esteemed members. Recognizing the pivotal role of collaborative spaces in fostering creativity and shared knowledge, EVBB is thrilled to announce the availability of exceptional conference rooms exclusively for its members’ use.

EVBB Collaborative Hub 1: 28, Boulevard Charlemagne, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

The first collaborative space located at Boulevard Charlemagne 28, with a seating capacity for up to 30 individuals, provides the perfect setting for brainstorming sessions, workshops, or meetings of all kinds. It’s an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas, where members can come together to explore fresh concepts, strategize, and foster strong connections within the EVBB community.

The Boulevard Charlemage location offers not only the convenience of a central Brussels address but also next to the European Commission – an ideal space to host events and conferences that demand the attention of EU policymakers and stakeholders. EVBB members have the opportunity to utilize this space, free of charge, to advance their initiatives and amplify their impact on the vocational training landscape.

EVBB Collaborative Hub 2: 166, Rue Joseph II, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

For those seeking an even grander space, EVBB presents its second conference room, located at 166, Rue Joseph II. With a substantial capacity to accommodate up to 70 participants, this room is perfect for larger gatherings, symposiums, and conferences.

Rue Joseph II embodies the essence of collaboration, offering an expansive canvas for EVBB members to paint their vision and share their expertise. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual facilities, ensuring seamless presentations and engaging discussions. It’s an excellent choice for hosting events that require the attention and participation of a broader audience.

Additionally, being in close to the European Commission, our venue in Rue Joseph II holds the potential to act as a hub for thought leadership and knowledge dissemination, allowing EVBB members to reach influential decision-makers effortlessly.

 EVBB Offices: The Heart of Networking

Beyond the conference rooms, EVBB extends its invitation for collaboration further by opening up its own offices as a dedicated workspace for its members. The EVBB offices are designed to encourage networking and cooperation among members, providing a conducive environment to work alongside the EVBB team.

Whether it’s a casual meeting over coffee, a brainstorming session, or simply a quiet space to focus on your vocational training initiatives, the EVBB offices offer the flexibility and resources you need to thrive in the heart of Brussels.

Host Your Event, Elevate Your Voice

EVBB’s strategic location near the European Commission means that these conference rooms are more than just spaces; they are platforms to amplify your voice and initiatives on a global stage. Whether you wish to organize a seminar, a workshop, or a conference that commands attention, EVBB is here to support you every step of the way. Our team is ready to assist in arranging events and ensuring that your message reaches the right audience.

In the spirit of collaboration and community, EVBB offers these collaborative spaces to its members free of charge. It’s a testament to our commitment to fostering innovation, networking, and knowledge sharing within the vocational training sector.

Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of collaboration and elevate your vocational training initiatives. Join EVBB today and unlock the doors to our vibrant collaborative spaces.

Inquire now and let’s shape the future of vocational training together!