EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC) visits EVBB in Brussels

EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC) visits EVBB

On 31st January, 2023, we had the chance to welcome a delegation from our Chinese member EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC) in our premises in Brussels.

The EU Project Innovation Centre (EUPIC) is the sole EU project innovation centre in China, formed in 2006 with funding from the European Commission’s AsiaInvest programme. It is an international collaborative platform supported or built in collaboration by the Chinese and European governments. 

EUPIC is dedicated to strengthening all-around connections between China and Europe in STI, trade, culture, and investment as a specialised service agency and international project implementation platform.

Mrs. Segree Dai (President of EUPIC), as an active partner of the CoVE project “TourX”, came to discuss future plans and possibilities for promoting the TourX project in China, as well as the mutual willingness to discover new opportunities to collaborate in the future, with M. Theodor Grassos (Secretary General of EVBB) and Mrs. Meng Wang (EU Project Manager of EVBB).

Mrs. Segree Dai, who was accompanied by M.Libai Zhao (Assistant to the President) and M. Marco Gasparroni (Head of EUPIC Brussels Office), also stated that the Chengdu municipal government has a strong interest in the “TourX” project and wishes to continue collaboration on projects between China and EU countries with the support of EVBB.