Digital revolution – an opportunity for all

The designer Tom Bieling presents the LormHand and the LormGlove to the international audience
While the ENTELIS Seminar 2015, which took place in Dublin, Tom Bieling, Design Research Lab (Berlin, University of Arts) and Sabine Siemsen (Hagen, FernUniversität) both invited by EVBB, gave a lecture. The designer Tom Bieling presented in a very entertaining way the LormHand and the LormGlove to the international audience, which were developed in the project SPEECHLESS at the Design Research Lab.

See for more information the video on Youtube.

Sabine Siemsen’s (University of Hagen) presentation showed that distance education based on the model of Hagen is in international demand. The researcher in the field of education and difference gave a lecture on „Distance education in the context of mobility, digitalization and technology: Potential and Barriers to bridge the digital divide”. She took a closer look on the benefits of online-learning, the integration of virtual classrooms in Moodle learning environments as well as on the benefits of Massive Open Online Courses, called MOOCs.

Siemsens presentation was also closely followed by the international experts and already during the presentation a great interest in the Hagen Model was expressed – in particular for the target group of people with disabilities distance learning provides a multitude of possibilities.

See for more information the presentation.

ENTELIS is a project within the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission and aims to bridge the digital divide. People with disabilities should be promoted in the acquisition of digital skills and able to participate in the digital world – to achieve the greatest possible degree of independence.