Call for Tender – External Quality Control Services (Erasmus+ TVETCQ Palestine)

EVBB, partner of the Erasmus+ TVETCQ Palestine, has published a Request for Proposals, for an assignment for an External Quality Control. Deadline for Submission of Proposals: 25/05/2021

TVETCQ Development of TVET Pedagogical Competencies and Qualification in Palestinian (Project ID: 598665-EPP-1-2018-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP), an ERASMUS+ KA2 Project, funded under Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education of the EAC/A05/2017 Call.

The General Objective of the Project is to “Contribute to the development of curricula, research and effective orientation in vocational training and adult education in the Palestinian universities that meet with the priority requirement expressed by the Palestinian National Authority”.

The purpose of the assignment is to establish all the actions, procedures, measures, indicators and systems that will secure the quality of the outputs and processes, allowing their close and continuous monitoring and reviewing during TVETCQ lifespan. The Quality Assurance and the Evaluation mechanism optimizes the internal communication procedures of the consortium, to ensure the quality of project outputs and to safeguard high quality of the deliverables. Quality assurance has linkages with all Work Packages of the TVETCQ project, and complements Project Management, throughout projects lifespan, involving all partners in a collaborative way. More specifically, it provides the necessary information to manage the project’s quality in all its life-cycle, from planning to implementation and evaluation.

The assignment includes:

  • Task 1: Establishment of a Quality Assurance Mechanism
    A Quality Assurance Mechanism will be developed for the implementation of the TVETCQ project in order to ensure the quality and of projects processes and outputs. The QA Plan will be developed aiming to fully satisfy the contractual obligations of the consortium, defining the procedures, tools, systems, and guidelines for the effective quality management of the Contract:
    • Document Control: standard document control procedures will be applied in all phases of the contract to ensure the accurate dissemination of information following the guidelines of EACEA.
    • Record Control: all documents related to the implementation of the Contract (assessment reports, fact sheets, studies, etc.) will be clearly identified, classified, and kept for future reference.
    • Quality Control of Deliverables: all deliverables produced will be reviewed for their quality against certain standards and criteria.
  • Task 2: Semi-annual Quality Assurance Assessment
    The aim of the Quality Assurance Assessments is to support the Quality Assurance strategy in the view of project’s implementation, to contribute to the ongoing processes of assurance and enhancement of quality and to be a driving force for the implementation of improvements in order to be achieved the objectives of the project.
    The Quality Assurance Assessments will evaluate and assess the three aspects below:
    1. Partnership Management and Communication
    2. Project Management
    3. Project Meeting(s) evaluation

The objective of the quality assurance assessment is to increase project’s quality, by providing recommendations for corrective actions for project’s next steps. Quality Assurance Assessments are produced on a 6-monthly basis prior to each project meeting.

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Total Maximum Value of the Assignment: 8.000 €. The service provided is not subject to VAT due to EU cross-border transaction
Duration: 16 Months
Deadline for Submission: 25.05.2021