#payin7days Campaign

As Europe is starting to recover from COVID19 crisis, it is essential that SMEs, the backbone of the EU’s economy, which have suffered greatly during this economic downturn, are supported in every possible way. One of the greatest challenges they face is the ability to have enough capital turnover to be able to pay their employees and providers without accumulating debts.

This is the reason why EVBB supports and participates along with the European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME association the campaign already launched in March 2020 by European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) and which has been run on national levels in Estonia by the association EVEA also in 2020.

We agreed to call this new common campaign #PayIn7Days

They have the budgetary capabilities for regularly paying employees and we ask that this capacity is extended as well to paying contracted SMEs, as it will help them have the same financial security so direly needed as they recover.

Public bodies can help SMEs by setting up and following this best practice!