African Annual Stakeholders Assembly 2023

African Annual Stakeholders Assembly 2023

EVBB is delighted to have participated in the Annual Stakeholders Assembly (ASA) 2023, held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, from March 20th to 24th, 2023.

Organized by Don Bosco Tech Africa, the event revolved around the theme “Transforming TVET for Successful Employment and Enhanced Quality of Life for African Youth,” attracting 85 delegates from 34 African countries and Don Bosco Asia from the Philippines.

Sonia Degroote, EVBB EU project manager, presented an insightful session on EU project applications and requirements on Friday, March 24th. Her presentation showcased the EVBB network’s vision of integrating Don Bosco VET centers in Africa as EVBB members. EVBB also conducted a practical workshop that guided participants on registering their organizations in the participant register, obtaining required documents, and securing a PIC to partake in European projects. Furthermore, the presentation explored EU opportunities for African VET and the potential for future collaboration between EVBB and African VET centers.

Our presence at this event aligns with EVBB’s 2023 strategy for Africa, which aims to enhance collaboration and partnerships with African VET centers. Notably, Don Bosco and EVBB have previously worked together on the SAAM project, a pilot initiative directly funded by the European Commission and spearheaded by our member Association Mundus. It is one of two proposals approved to test the development of a future mobility program in the VET field between Africa and Europe.

The ASA 2023 featured diverse sessions, including presentations by Tanzanian government officials on their collaboration with Don Bosco, provinces addressing areas needing transformation, and fostering cooperation with industries. A panel discussion also delved into how Africa can leverage TVET as a transformative agent for social and economic development.

 The event provided an excellent platform for EVBB to network, exchange knowledge, and reinforce existing partnerships. We remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting African VET centers and eagerly anticipate collaborating with Don Bosco and other VET centers to revolutionize TVET, ensuring successful employment and a better quality of life for African youth.

 We extend our congratulations to Don Bosco Tech Africa for organizing such an impactful event and eagerly await future opportunities to participate.