It is necessary for the VET sector to intervene in order to fight climate change

Climate change and environmental degradation are currently threatening the very existence of Europe and the world. In particular, climate change is a “crisis multiplier” that has profound implications for international peace and stability. If we continue on our current path, we are going to face the disastrous consequences, meaning the collapse of everything that gives us safety and security. 

Thus, the time to act is NOW!

In this context, now more than ever, VET education has a responsibility to foster the correct type of skills, attitudes, and behavior that will lead to sustainable and inclusive growth. More specifically, the global imperatives of addressing the challenges posed by climate change, and the need for sustainable development, increasing human well-being, and protecting the planet from ecological destruction have profound implications for education. This was addressed in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015. Hence, we must fundamentally change the way we think about education and its important role in global development and the accomplishment of sustainable goals.

After all, the global urgency for climate change mitigation has resulted in the need for a labor force with the skill sets necessary for establishing and sustaining new environmental industries, services, and practices. This emerging labor market requires vocational education and training systems and skills development programs to respond. The transformation needed for a cleaner, greener planet requires integrative, innovative, and creative thinking, cultivated jointly by the VET sector, governments, civil society organizations, and companies. This collaboration calls for VET education that goes beyond knowledge transfer and desirable behaviors by focusing on multiple perspectives – economic, ecological, environmental, and sociocultural – and developing empowered, critical, mindful, and competent citizens.


In addition, EVBB members will have the great opportunity, during the conference, to disseminate their projects related to climate change, circular economy, green economy, etc, in an exhibition to be held in a specially designed space at the Grand Hyatt Hotel!


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