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Two machinists working on machineEvery year the EVBB chooses a certain motto to act on. The respective topic of priority is worked out during the course of that year in professional working committees and then presented in the form of a position paper. Please check below for a timeline of the recent year topics.


The EVBB being a representative of practice-oriented vocational training considers the dissemination of successful practical example to be a significant element in communication among its members. We can introduce you to some of our practice-oriented models on our project portfolio.


  • Topic of the Year 2008 – Migration and Intercultural Competence in Vocational Education

    As regards to subject matter the year 2008 harks back to the topic of the annual conference in 2007 with its motto: "Migration and Intercultural Competence in Vocational Education". The choice of this topic aligns itself with the current European focal points. The topic of the year 2008 is based on the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008. Based on the results of the EVBB annual conference 2007 this topic was dealt with in more depth in the year 2008 by the work groups and the project team.

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  • Topic of the Year 2009 – Creativity and Innovation

    As it did in the year 2008 the EVBB topic of the year was the topic of the year for the EU. The members of the work group dealt with the topic in two sessions. The first session, which took place on 19 & 20 March in Sofia served for discussion the understanding of creativity and innovation in vocational education and for discussion on implementing the topic during the course of the year. On 28 & 29 May 2009 all of the members of the work group met at BPI, the Austrian member's venue in Vienna.

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  • Topic of the year 2010 – Vocational Education and Training against Poverty and Social Exclusion

    Title of 2010 Conference is dealing with the possibilities of combat of poverty through vocational education and training. The EVBB has a great potential for experience, and deals with such subjects for many years. This year's Conference in Lisbon our Bulgarian Member represented by Dr.Luba Popova has encouraged a keynote contribution. It has become clear that successful poverty reduction in early infancy has to start. In families and in nursery schools. Prevention of poverty is the basis of social integration in society. Skin color and religious admission may be no reasons for exclusion.

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  • Topic of the year 2011 – Labour Market, Economy, and VET between European and international Developments and Demands

    Responsability for realisation and consequences of EU2020-strategy Crucial success factors for realisation of EU2020-strategy are VET oriented to work practice as well in 'Initial VE' as also in continuous VET. Just in this way smart groth an inclusion will be possible. The members of EVBB stand for high quality VET in all phases of lifelong learning, especially for inclusion of groups with special needs. Important part for lifelong learning is RPL – Recognition of prior learning linked with the chance to accomplish professional qualification.

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  • Topic of the year 2012 – Social Cohesian

    Europe needs strategies as well as new instruments, which are adjusted to the current situation to drive forward improvements for the integration of disadvantaged target groups. This is the only way to avert the danger of a collapse of our social cohesion.

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  • Topic of the year 2013 – Promoting work-based Learning

    Vocational education and training is more than just producing workforce SOLIDAR and EVBB provide Expert Round Table on March 5th 2013 in European Parliament - Brussels

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  • Topic of the Year 2015 – Work-based training and learning

    Under the auspices of the member EBG, Magdeburg Detailed description coming soon!

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  • Topic of the year 2016 – NEETS

    According to reports from the European Commission, unemployment in Europe affected 24.6 million people in August 2014. 5 million of these were only 15 to 24 years old. Youth unemployment is without doubt a profound challenge for Europe’s future. According to Eurofound, the costs incurred by so called NEETs (young people who are not in education, employment or training) through necessary social measures and missed revenue from taxes, so far total 153 billion euros, and thus 1.21 % of the European GDP. Further factors, albeit more difficult to define, are the affected individuals’ own attitudes to their NEET‐status and the existing individual circumstances, which mirror the inequality of opportunities within society.

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  • Topic of the Year 2017 – Permeability of Vocational Education

    “Permeability of Vocational Education – Higher education, vocational training” Under the auspices of the member ISQ, Lisbon Detailed description coming soon!

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  • #payin7days Campaign

    EVBB supports & participates in the Campaign #payin7days with "European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME" and the "European Small Business Alliance (ESBA)". We commit to pay our bills within 7 days to Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that can't survive long without cashflow.

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  • SME2B – The Networking and Trade Platform for SMEs … and VET Providers!

    SME2B is a business-to-business platform that wants to enable European small and medium-sized companies to find new commercial partners across the continent, so to make the best of the European Single Market. This platform is also a great tool for VET providers and educational institutions that want to develop their networks and improve their collaboration with companies all around Europe.

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  • KICK-OFF: Erasmus+ “T4SVEN” has officially started!

    Erasmus+ new project "Training 4 Skills in the Digital Environment" (T4SVEN) was kicked-off online on May 6th, 2021.

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  • “Step into the future – Training for Skills in Virtual Environment”: a T4SVEN conference – September 29th, 2021

    On September 29th, 2022, EVBB and our project partner the “Agency for VET and Adult Education” (ASOO) in Croatia organised “Step into the future – Training for Skills in Virtual Environment”, an online conference that gathered more than 50 VET experts and institutions from around Europe and abroad.

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