TVETCQ Palestine


Development of TVET Pedagogical Competencies and Qualification in Palestinian Universities / TVETCQ

Challenge and Mission

This project seeks to promote “the development of teaching curricula and research activities at Palestinian universities on the various issues relating to TVET”.

This type of development cannot be achieved through administrative directives and decisions, because it is a process that involves with the development of skills.

The Erasmus+ TVETCQ project focuses on offering teaching curricula in the field of TVET and initiating academic research work in this area. The various issues related to TVET resort to different disciplines, which must be mobilized in the framework of this project. At the university level it will involve, first, instructors of the Education department then, also, those of the departments of Sociology and Psychology, Business Management, Law and Economics, as well as instructors of the Faculties of engineering, medical sciences and agronomy who have a well-grounded training experience in their field. It will also involve instructors in community colleges.

In addition to these academic partners, the project involves:
– Members of the two TVET directorates at the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education.
– Members of organisations and NGOs involved in vocational training programs.

Overall objective:

To contribute to the development of curricula, research and effective orientation in vocational training and adult education in the Palestinian universities that meet with the priority requirement expressed by the Palestinian National Authority.

Specific Objectives :

  • Strengthen the TVET educational competencies among staff in specific areas of adult education and vocational training;
  • Promoting TVET orientation in education science disciplinary based on research among the University community in collaboration with EU partners;
  • Enable the Palestinian academic and technical staff to design and develop vocational training projects in line with the requirement and priority of the socio-economic sector;
  • Enable the Palestinian concerned instructors to liaise with the research groups and their counterparts from the three European universities which are partners of the project;
  • Allow Palestinian partners to link with the European vocational training institutions which are partners in this project;
  • Contribute to the development, in the framework of the Faculties of Education in Palestinian universities, of multidisciplinary and dynamic approaches directed at TVET issues in direct links with formal vocational organs and institutions;
  • Contribute to the development of a network of competences between academics, official actors and trainers involved in vocational training;
  • Allow the pooling of expertise and resources, as well as the launching of joint applied research, on general issues of TVET.



Ref. n°: 598665-EPP-1-2018-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP


  • TVET Students and graduates
  • Master graduate students, and supervisors
  • Vocational Post-secondary and technical educational institutions (5 TVET levels)
  • All TVET institutions in Palestine
  • Staff from TVET institutions in Palestine
  • Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and Higher Education,
  • All TVET stakeholders including private schools, UNRWA schools and centers


  • 3 years (36 months)
    Started October 2018



  • Palestine Technical University Kadoorie – PTUK
  • Palestine Polytechnic University – PPU
  • University College of Applied Sciences – UCAS
  • An-Najah National University – ANU
    Al-Quds University – AQU
  • Arab American University – AAUP
  • Ministry of Education & Higher Education – MOHE
  • Ministry of Labour – MOL
  • University Lille 1 (France)
  • Berlin University of Technology (Germany)
  • University of Applied Management Studies (Germany)
  • European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training (Europe)
  • MedLink Association (France)
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