On September 29th, 2022, EVBB and our project partner the “Agency for VET and Adult Education” (ASOO) in Croatia organised Step into the future – Training for Skills in Virtual Environment”, an online conference that gathered more than 50 VET experts and institutions from around Europe and abroad. This kick-off event was planned in the framework of the new Erasmus+ project T4SVEN – Training for Skills in Virtual Environment.

Led by the Agency for Vocational and Adult Education (ASOO) from Croatia, the “Step into the future – Training for Skills in Virtual Environment” online conference of the Erasmus+ project Training 4 Skills in the Digital Environment (T4SVEN) involved all the following project partners:

Summary of the conference:

The event was opened by Mr. Theodor Grassos (Secretary General of EVBB) and Mr. Nino Buić (Assistant Director for VET and Adult Education of ASOO).

Mr. Buić made the first presentation of the event regarding “Digital Skills and VET” and was then followed by Mrs Barbara Buble (T4SVEN project leader – ASOO) who provided the audience with the overview of the T4SVEN project.

Mr. Grassos (EVBB) took again the floor to give a presentation about “Creating a vivid online learning experience and the question of Quality in e-learning in the VET Sector in the Post-Covid environment”. He then introduced his colleague Mr. Samir Cheriaa (EVBB) who presented the first output of the project “Review, analysis and proposal of conceptual framework of the digital pedagogy in VET, with special focus on Work-based Learning” and shared with the audience the surveys results analysis.

Finally, Dr. Aliki Panagiotarou (University of Patras) presented “Managing digital skills for VET teachers according to DigCompEdu” before giving the floor to her project partner Dr. Thomas Fotiadis (University of Cyprus) who gave the first look of the “Project Platform”.


All the conference presentations are available here to download:

Conference AGENDA
Presentation 1 – Digital Skills and VET
– Presentation 2 – Overview of T4SVEN
– Presentation 4 – O1 –A1 presentation: Concept framework–Survey analysis
– Presentation 5 – Managing digital skills for VET teachers according to DigCompEdu
– Presentation 6 – Project Platform



The main objective of the project is to support VET teachers & trainers (t&t) with a set of digital open resources based on digital pedagogy principles, that would equip them with competences for integration of digital technologies with their content-matter expertise and thus enhance effective teaching, enrich the methods of VET delivery, including Work-based Learning (WBL).

The specific objectives:

  • develop concept on digital pedagogy with special focus on the WBL in some of the hardest hit sectors due to Covid-19, such as tourism, hospitality and transport
  • pilot developed online course on digital pedagogy
  • pilot a peer-review approach to validate the final coursework of teachers
  • prepare VET t&t for pedagogical and methodical challenges when transferring to digital and blended learning environment
  • strengthen networking and international cooperation through partnership between countries and different levels of education
  • strengthen networking between VET schools and exchange of good practice, through the implementation of a peer review as external evaluation tool
  • promote openness, inclusiveness and innovativeness of VET

Primary target group are VET t&t, while school directors, in company WBL trainers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders, and VET students will also benefit from the innovative practices introduced by this project.

The transnational dimension of this project brings together the expertise of different countries and VET systems and it enables mutual learning on digital pedagogy in particular, which would close the identified gap between country, sector and education level practices, making the final output of online course fully transnational and transferable to other countries.

The value of the project is € 257,945.00, and the project implementation period lasts from March 1, 2021 to February 1, 2023.

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